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ODC Appreciation Day 2018

Just imagine the fairy godmother visited you and granted you three wishes for PL/SQL or SQL features.
What would you wish for and why?

Would it be…

  • Assertions (multi-row constraints), to keep your business rules close to the data?
  • a FINALLY clause, like in Java, because you are tired of tedious workarounds?
  • implicit variable declaration with SELECT INTO (similar to iterator declaration in FOR loops)?
  • an enhancement of PL/Scope?
  • more object-orientated features in PL/SQL?
  • or something completely different?

Think of your work and the problems you are trying to solve. What would increase your output as a PL/SQL programmer?

Just send your wishes to
Unfortunately I can’t guarantee the fairy godmother will read them all, but you can join us at #DOAG2018 (Wednesday, 21st November, 17:00) and discuss your ideas with Bryn Lewellyn, Phillip Salvisberg, Sven Weller and other (PL/)SQL experts.
I’m looking forward to a fun and lively discussion!


This little post is part of #ThanksODC:
A thank you ? to all the people who help others via the Oracle Tech Net/Oracle Developer Community.
If you want to read more articles which are being announced throughout the day, follow #ThanksODC on Twitter.

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